Astronomy UN2002: Introduction to Astrophysics II

Spring 2020

MW 8:40-9:55 am, Room 318 Hamilton

Prof. J. Halpern

Office hours: Room 1014 Pupin - M,Tu,W 1:10-3:55, Th 2:30-4:00, or by appointment

GBT MDM 2.4m Chandra Whipple/HESS

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Daily Course Syllabus
Date Topics, Associated Reading and Illustrations
Chapters (in parentheses) are relevant for review.
Jan 22 Interstellar Dust - Ryden & Peterson, Chapter 16.1, (5.4, 5.7, 13.2, 13.3, 14.2, 14.4) HW #1
Pictures of star-forming regions, gaseous pillars, and dark globules.
Pictures of dark clouds and reflection nebulae.

Johnson-Cousins Filter Transmission Curves (same as Figure 13.2)
Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) Filter Transmission Curves
Examples of Stellar Spectral Types Classified
Parameters of Main Sequence Stars (Table A.5 and H-R Diagram)
Extinction Curves and "R" (compare with Figure 16.1)
Color-Color Diagram and Explanatory Figures

Images of light echoes from interstellar dust.
Jan 27 Interstellar Gas - Ryden & Peterson, Chapter 16.2, (5.1-5.3)
How the 21-cm line of H I was first observed.
How Interstellar CO was discovered.
Surveying the 2.6 mm CO line from the roof of Pupin.
Jan 29 Emission-Line Nebulae - Ryden & Peterson, Chapter 16.3, (5.6) HW #2
The Rosette Nebula, a classic H II region.
Spectrum of the Orion Nebula, another H II region.
Grotrian diagrams.
More Grotrian diagrams and density-temperature diagnostics.
Radio recombination lines.

Pictures of other emission nebulae and planetary nebulae.
Feb 3 Structure of the Milky Way Galaxy - Ryden & Peterson, Chapter 19.1, 19.2
Summary of the contents of the Milky Way.
The Multiwavelength Milky Way
Model of Milky Way spiral arms.
Maser tracers of Milky Way spiral arms.
Feb 5 Kinematics and Dynamics of the Galaxy - Ryden & Peterson, Chapter 19.3, 19.4 HW #3
Feb 10 Differential Rotation, the Rotation Curve - Ryden & Peterson, Chapter 19.5, 19.6
Notes on measuring the rotation curve, and the Oort constants
Feb 12 The Galactic Center - Ryden & Peterson, Chapter 19.7 HW #4
Stellar orbits around the Galactic center black hole.
More details about those orbits.
Animation of stellar orbits around the black hole.
The fastest hypervelocity star.
Feb 17 Galaxy Structure - Ryden & Peterson, Chapter 20.1
M51 (grand design spiral), NGC 4414 (flocculent spiral).
M105 = NGC3379 (elliptical).
Feb 19 Galaxy Spectra, Rotation Curves - Ryden & Peterson, Chapter 20.2, (3.2) HW #5
Observing the rotation curve of a galaxy with a long-slit spectrum
Another example, and another
Another long-slit spectrum with many emission lines
Integrated Hα line profiles from long-slit spectra
Integrated 21 cm line profiles and the Tully-Fisher relation
Feb 24 Supermassive Black Holes - Ryden & Peterson, Chapter 20.3
Supermassive Black Hole in M31 (Andromeda Galaxy)
Supermassive Black Hole in M87, an Early HST Observation
Theoretical images of black holes
Event Horizon Telescope News
Feb 26 Distance Scale, Expansion of the Universe - Ryden & Peterson, Chapter 17.3, 20.4, 20.5 HW #6
Types of pulsating variable stars
Light curve of Delta Cephei
The Hubble diagram
Mar 2 Active Galactic Nuclei, Apparent Superluminal Motion - Ryden & Peterson, Chapter 21.1, 21.Appendix
M87 Radio Jet and radio movie.
M87 Optical Jet.
Black Hole Mass versus Velocity Dispersion (MBH-sigma Relation).
AGN Optical Spectra.
Apparent superluminal motion in 3C 279, and formula.
Mar 4 Accretion by Supermassive Black Holes, Accretion Disks - Ryden & Peterson, Chapter 21.2, 21.3
Scattering, Polarization, and the Unified Model of Seyfert Galaxies.
Mar 9 Cancelled
Lecture notes on gravitational lensing.
Images of gravitational lenses.
Mar 11 MIDTERM EXAM and Solutions HW #7 and
Formulas and Constants Solutions
Mar 23 Cancelled
Mar 25 Cancelled
Mar 30 Quasars as Probes - Ryden & Peterson, Chapter 21.4, 21.5
Accretion disks
Images of gravitational lenses
Lecture notes on gravitational lensing
Microlensing simulation
Apr 1 Clusters of Galaxies - Ryden & Peterson, Chapter 22 HW #8 and
Large-scale structure
Images of clusters of galaxies.
Thermal plasma cooling function and analytic approximations.
Lecture Notes
Apr 6 Colliding Galaxies, Superclusters and Voids - Ryden & Peterson, Chapter 22.2, 22.3
Refresher on radians, arcseconds, and the small-angle approximation
"Newtonian" Cosmology
Apr 8 The Hot Big Bang - Ryden & Peterson, Chapter 23.1
Cosmic Microwave Background
Accompanying notes for April 8 - April 27 classes on cosmology.
Apr 13 Newtonian Cosmology - Ryden & Peterson, Chapter 23.2 HW #9
Newtonian and Relativistic Cosmology Solutions
Apr 15 Relativistic Cosmology - Ryden & Peterson, Chapter 23.5
Relativistic Cosmology (cont.) (corrected)
Brooklyn is not expanding.
Apr 20 The Consensus Model, The Accelerating Universe - Ryden & Peterson, Chapter 24.1, 24.2 HW #10
Hubble Diagram of type Ia supernovae - evidence for an accelerating universe and a cosmological constant
The consensus model
Figure 24.7
Apr 22 The Early Universe, Big Bang Nucleosynthesis - Ryden & Peterson, Chapter 24.3
Big Bang Nucleosynthesis Figures
BBN lecture notes
Apr 27 The Very Early Universe, Inflation - Ryden & Peterson, Chapter 24.4 HW #11
Inflation Solutions
Apr 29 Formation of Solar Systems - Ryden & Peterson, Chapter 8.1, 8.3, 9.Appendix
Lecture notes
HL Tau protoplanetary disk (ALMA).
TW Hydrae protoplanetary disk (ALMA).
Table 8.4
Example of radioactive decay series.
May 4 Asteroids, Trans-Neptunian Objects, Comets, Meteoroids, Dust - Ryden & Peterson, Chapter 11.1-11.4, 12.1, 12.2 Final Homework
Lecture notes and figures
Figure 8.1
Asteroids and Trans-Neptunian Objects
Saturn's Cassini Division
Historical Impacts
Data for Solar System Planets and Satellites.

LMC N44 M 101 Milky Way

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