2004 – current	PhD Candidate (expected, Spring 2010) in Astronomy, Columbia 
May 2007		M.Phil in Astronomy, Columbia University
May 2006		M.A. in Astronomy, Columbia University
2001	B.Sc. in Physics, University of California, Santa Cruz

Research Experience and Current Projects:
Current		Built and successfully flew FIREBall (Faint Intergalactic
Redshifted Emission balloon) spectrograph.  Initial science results
will be the first measurements of the intergalactic and
circumgalactic medium in emission.  
(Thesis work with D. Schiminovich)

			Used GALEX spectra of candidate supernovae Type Ia progenitors
to differentiate powering mechanisms (Work with J. Sokoloski).

2003-2004	Research Associate at Columbia University
	Cataloguing extended sources in MAGPIS (Work with D. Helfand)
Z-Cam type Cataclysmic Variables (Work with J. Patterson) .

2001-2002	Research Scientist at Add-Vision, Scotts Valley, CA. I designed and built the first screen printed polymer LED. 

1998-2000	Research Assistant for Dr. Sue Carter, Physics Dept., UCSC. 

1995	REU participant, Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory, La Serena, Chile.  High-z Quasar Search (Work with M. Smith).


US Patent No. 7,115,216 : “Screen Printable Electroluminescent Polymer Ink”, Susan A. Carter, John G. Victor, Sarah Tuttle, and Jane Breeden (Filed 2002, Issued 2006)

Technical Expertise:
IDL, IRAF, AIPS, Cloudy, ENZO Analysis and Visualization, SolidWorks, Zemax

Field Experience:
Spring 2009		Integration and flight of FIREBall (science), Fort Sumner, NM
Summer 2007	Integration and flight of FIREBall (engineering), Palestine, TX


The FIREBall fiber-fed UV spectrograph, Sarah E. Tuttle, David Schiminovich, Bruno Milliard, Robert Grange, Chistopher D. Martin, Shahinur Rahman, Jean-Michel Deharveng, Ryan McLean, Gordon Tajiri, Matusz Matuszewski. Ground-based and Airborne Instrumentation for Astronomy II. Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 7014

MAGPIS: A Multi-Array Galactic Plan Imaging Survey, David J. Helfand, Robert H. Becker, Richard L. White, Adam Fallon, Sarah Tuttle.  astro-ph/0510468, AJ, Volume 131, Issue 5

Temperature-dependent recombination in polymer composite light emitting diodes, L. Bozano, S.E. Tuttle, S.A. Carter.  Applied Physics Letters, V73, Issue 26, December 28, 1998.

Teaching & Outreach:
2009		365 Days of Astronomy Podcast, “Astronomical Ballooning”
2008		Columbia Outreach Public Lecture
2007		Café Science Invited Speaker
2005-2007		Head Teaching Assistant, Columbia University
2004-2007		Public Outreach Coordinator, Columbia University
2002-2004	MDM, Arizona: Extensive observing runs on 1.3m and 2.4 telescopes. Time series photometry and H imaging.  Trained community members in telescope operations.