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I work in the Astronomy Department at Columbia University. My research interests include Local Group dwarf galaxies, galaxy evolution, and the interstellar medium, topics which I study via observations and simulations. Current projects include identifying undiscovered ultra-faint dwarf galaxies through their HI content and hydrodynamic simulations of mass loss in low-mass satellite galaxies. I'm also active in public outreach through the department.

The banner image was made from GALFA-HI (Galactic Arecibo L-band Feed Array) Survey data, an all Arecibo sky, high-resolution survey of neutral hydrogen near our Galaxy. I use GALFA-HI data for some of my research projects.

Contact Information

Office: Pupin 1414

Department of Astronomy
Columbia University
Mail Code 5246
550 West 120th Street
New York, New York 10027

Phone: 212.854.6888
Fax: 212.854.8121
Email: janagrc [at]