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Dr. Alejandro Núñez

NSF MPS-Ascend Postdoctoral Fellow at Columbia University and the American Museum of Natural History, New York

I am an astronomer interested in the role that magnetic activity has in the observable properties of low-mass, main sequence stars and ultra cool dwarfs. También hablo español.


My main research is on magnetic fields in low-mass, main sequence stars and brown dwarfs. I want to understand how rotation and magnetic activity are related in low-mass stars and brown dwarfs. My approach is empirical, so I use a lot data from different observatories, including the Chandra X-ray Observatory, XMM-Newton, MDM Observatory, MMT Observatory, and IRTF Observatory.

I have also done work on understanding atmospheric properties of brown dwarfs.

I also did work on understanding the effects of stellar feedback (pre-supernova, supernova, stellar winds, and asymptotic giant branch feedback) on the evolution and morphology of galaxies. My approach was numerical, so I used smoothed-particle hydrodynamics simulations with the Gadget code.


Here is a full list of works.

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