"Who am I ?"

Let's put it this way:

Who has the best tunes?

/Salman Rushdie: The Satanic Verses/

Here is a photo of me, or you may prefer seeing the most famous Zoltán.
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Victoria Falls and the Zambezi River ...










Check out the Hubble Deep Field (188 K), or the nucleus of M100 (48 K).
Me, the official photograph (20 K).
Sridhar with a moustache (18 K).
Latha at the castle of Eger (43 K).
Me in downtown Death Valley (25 K).
Amma at home in Pune (53 K).
Latha at work (42 K).
Tamás, me and a rabbit at home back in the 70's (98 K).
Tamás and me at home again in the 90's (44 K).
Latha with an umbrella (35 K).
My parents in Cambridge, UK (43 K).
Me in Mauritius with a Mauritius-shaped pancake (29 K).
Appa at Yellowstone (34 K).
Me, Sridhar and Raja performing Kashi Yatra at the wedding in Madras (35 K).
Latha ... smiling (46 K).
Latha ... serious (52 K).
Photos from school: 1 (92 K), 2 (155 K), 3 (150 K), 4 (173 K), 5 (166 K), 6 (165 K), 7 (167 K), 8 (110 K), 9 (116 K).
My former advisor, Avi Loeb in his office (146 K).

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