Dissertation Talk, 231st AAS Meeting, DC01/08/2018-01/12/2018
Seminar, MIT Brown Bag12/04/2017
Seminar, Chicago Tuesday Lunch Talk11/28/2017
Seminar, UCSC FLASH Talk11/17/2017
Seminar, Caltech Tea Talk11/13/2017
Seminar, Princeton Thursday Lunch (Thunch)09/21/2017
Talk, In & Out. What Rules the Galaxy Baryon Cycle?
Munich Institutue for Astro- and Particle Physcis
June-July 2017
Talk, What Matter(s) Around Galaxies: Resolving the Physics of the Circum-Galactic Medium
Durham University, UK
June 2017
Talk, Life Cycle of Metals Throughout the Universe: Celebrating 50 Years of UV Astronomy
2017 Spring Symposium, Space Telescope Science Institute
April 2017
Invited Talk, the Department of Astrophysics, American Museum of Natural History, New YorkOct. 2016
Invited Talk, Center for Astronomy and Space Astronomy, University of Colorado BoulderFeb. 2016
Talk, IMPS Winter Retreat, Astronomy and Astrophysics Department, University of California, Santa Cruz, CAFeb. 2016
Talk, Observational Evidence of Gas Accretion onto Galaxies, NRAO, Charlottesville, VirginiaOct. 2015
Talk, Life Cycle of Gas in Galaxies: A Local Perspective, ASTRON, Dwingeloo, the NetherlandsSept. 2015
Invited Talk, Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophyscis, Peking UniversitySept. 2015
Seminar Talk, National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of SciencesSept. 2015
NAIC/NRAO Single-Dish & NAASC Interferometry SchoolsJuly 2015
Invited Talk, Astronomy and Astrophysics Department, University of California, Santa Cruz, CAMay 2015
Talk, The Role of Hydrogen in the Evolution of Galaxies, Kuching, Malaysia (Borneo)Fall 2014
Poster, AAS Winter Meeting, MarylandJan. 2013
Talk, 3rd Korean-Chinese Informal Workgroup Meeting on Astro-dynamics for Stars and Galaxies, NAOC, Beijing, ChinaDec. 2011
Talk, Symposium of Astronomy Undergraduate Students, KIAA, Peking University, Beijing, ChinaSept. 2011