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First-Author Journal Articals

Revealing the Milky Way's Hidden Circumgalactic Medium with the COS Quasar Database for Galactic Absorption Lines
Y. Zheng,  J. E. G. Peek,   M. E. Putman, and J. K. Werk    (arXiv:1710.10703v2)

The Discovery and Origin of A Very-High Velocity Cloud toward M33
Y. Zheng,  J. K. Werk,  J. E. G. Peek, and M. E. Putman    (2017ApJ...840...65Z)

HST/COS Observations of Ionized Gas Accretion at the Disk-Halo Interface of M33
Y. Zheng,  J. E. G. Peek,   J. K. Werk, and M. E. Putman    (2017ApJ...834..179Z)

The Circumgalactic Medium of the Milky Way is Half-Hidden
Y. Zheng,   M. E. Putman,   J. E. G. Peek, and R. Joung    (2015ApJ...807..103Z)

Other Journal Articals

The GALFA-HI Survey Data Release 2
J.E.G. Peek, B. L. Babler, Y. Zheng, S. E. Clark, K. A. Douglas, E.J. Korpela, M.E. Putman, S. Stanimirovic, S. J. Gibson, C. Heiles
Accepted for publication on ApJ

Gravitational Conundrum? Dynamical Mass Segregation Versus Disruption of Binary Stars in Dense Stellar Systems
R. de Grijs,  C. Y. Li,  Y. Zheng,  L.C. Deng,  et al.    (2013ApJ...765....4D)

Relative flux calibration for the LAMOST Spectroscopic Survey of the Galactic anticentre
M. S. Xiang,  X. W. Liu,  H. B. Yuan,  Z. Y. Huo,  Y. Huang,  Y. Zheng,  H. W. Zhang,  et al.   (2015MNRAS.448...90X)

Non-thermal radio emission from colliding flows in classical nova V1723 Aql
J. H. S. Weston,  J. L. Sokoloski,   B. D. Metzger,   Y. Zheng,  L. Chomiuk,  et al.    (2016MNRAS.457..887W)

J. E. G. Peek,  R. Bordoloi,  H. Sana,  J. Roman-Duval,  J. Tumlinson,  Y. Zheng    (2016ApJ...828L..20P)