Hubble Space Telescope

As the PI of HST GO 15156 program (Cycle 25), my collaborators and I are granted 32 orbits to explore the interaction between the CGM and the disk of a low-mass dwarf gaalxy IC1613, and to measure the feedback efficiency. Detailed proposal abstract listed below:

Title: Mapping Gas Flows from the Disk to the Circumgalactic Medium
Abstract: The feedback efficiency in galaxies remains a crucial component in simulations that is not well constrained by observations. To understand how effectively feedback drives metals into the circumgalactic medium (CGM), we propose to map the metal flows from the disk to the CGM of the nearby dwarf irregular galaxy IC 1613. This will be the first spatial and kinematic map of gas flows from the disk to the halo of a dwarf galaxy. In archival COS spectra of two IC 1613 stars we detect blue-shifted SiII, CII, and SiIV absorption lines, indicative of the existence of multiphase outflows from the disk. We propose to observe two more UV bright stars in IC 1613's disk to assess the covering fraction and strength of the outflow in relation to the galaxy's resolved star formation. We will also observe three QSO sightlines at 0.1, 0.3, and 0.5 Rvir to measure the ionization profile of the gas and the extent of the outflows. We will relate our measurements to the detailed observed star formation history of IC 1613 to directly determine the mass loading factor and feedback efficiency. The proposal will provide critical information on how galaxies evolve and how metals circulate between the disk and the CGM.

The Very Large Array

My first-year research project at Columbia was with Jeno Sokoloski, focusing on understanding the production mechanism of the non-thermal radio radiation from a classical nova V1723 Aql. The light curve of V1723 Aql was obtained through three-year multiband observations using VLA. While developing kinematic expanding-shell model for V1723 Aql, I dedicated a large amount of time to reduce VLA data using CASA. For a better understanding of the interferometer, I spent ten weeks at the VLA site (Socorro, NM) in the Summer of 2013, supervised by Michael Rupen and Amy Mioduszewski.