Abstract: Simultaneous Multiwavelength Monitoring of 3C 66A -- RXTE AO8 (PI: M. Boettcher)

We propose to monitor the nearby BL Lac object 3C 66A simultaneously with RXTE, STACEE, and ground-based radio and optical observatories. We request RXTE monitoring observations consisting of 20 pointings, 20 ksec each, distributed uniformly over a period of 3 months. 3C 66A was detected by EGRET several times, and previous X-ray observations indicate that its synchrotron component extends into the X-ray regime. A detection of 3C~66A at energies above 1 TeV by the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory is still awaiting confirmation by other ACT facilities. The science goal of this proposal is a simultaneous measurement of the SED and spectral variability of 3C 66A, which is crucial for reliable and testable model predictions of the expected GeV - TeV emission.