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Here is a list of all my publications on ADS.

And these are the ones where I am first author (and on ADS):

Simulated cosmological evolution of galaxy sizes

MNRAS, 2017

The Size Evolution of Star-Forming and Quenched Galaxies in the IllustrisTNG Simulation

Galaxy metallicity and environment

ApJ, 2016

How Environment Affects Galaxy Metallicity through Stripping and Formation History: Lessons from the Illustris Simulation

Galaxy angular momentum

ApJL, 2015

Galactic Angular Momentum in the Illustris Simulation: Feedback and the Hubble Sequence

Galaxy evolution in Illustris

MNRAS, 2014

Introducing the Illustris Project: The Evolution of Galaxy Populations across Cosmic Time

Monte Carlo tracer particles

MNRAS, 2013

Following the Flow: Tracer Particles in Astrophysical Fluid Simulations

Accretion and turbulence in galaxies

MNRAS, 2012

On the Effect of Cosmological Inflow on Turbulence and Instability in Galactic Discs

Disrupting giant clumps at z~2

ApJ, 2012

Short-lived Star-forming Giant Clumps in Cosmological Simulations of z~2 Disks

Smooth accretion onto Dark Matter halos

ApJ, 2010

The Growth of Dark Matter Halos: Evidence for Significant Smooth Accretion

The merger rate of Dark Matter halos

ApJ, 2009

The Halo Merger Rate in the Millennium Simulation and Implications for Observed Galaxy Merger Fractions

From Dark Matter halo growth to z~2 galaxies

ApJ, 2008

Mergers and Mass Accretion Rates in Galaxy Assembly: The Millennium Simulation compared to Observations of z~2 Galaxies