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Picture of the Day
18th January 2008
Supernova Factory
NGC 2770
19th July 2005
A Nearby Supernova in M51
SN 2005bf
27th October 2005
The Last Titan

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  • Google| astro-ph| ADS| NED | Simbad | Astronomy Picture of the Day| Astronomical Glossary | ADS Journal/Vol/Page Query Form |

  • Supernovae:
  • Rochester's Bright Supernovae| Recent SNe @ CfA| Requested SNe @ CfA| Caltech Core-Collapse Program | Carnegie SN Program (SN list) | KAIT| NED: Object Search| NED: Image Search| Bob's Calendar| CBAT - Possible SN| IAU| IAU List of SNe.

  • Professional Development (Under Construction):
  • Astrobetter (great resource for Astrotools etc)| Advice on Writing Papers | How to give a Good Scientific Talk: My & Mo's presentation , Good Webpage | Paul Kalas' Class on Ethics in Astronomy | Effective Communication for Rational Minds | Academic Ladder Blog and Advice, e.g. on writing habits , Astronomy Careers Guide & Portal|

  • FLWO:
  • FWLO| 1.5m Schedule| 1.2m Schedule| PTEL Database | PTEL Observations Adjustments | PTEL SN follow-up Page | Satellite Images of AZ| Real-time Ridge Weather| TDC| ICE Manual| 1.5m Night logs| 1.2m Night logs|

  • Magellan:
  • Magellan| LDSS3| Weather at LCO| Transport Schedule|

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  • IDL Libraries Browser | IDL Astronomy User's Library| Erik's IDL Programs | David Fanning's IDL page | Craig Markwardt IDL Programs | Ronn Kling Consulting (widgets etc.) | IDL News Group

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  • James' Emacs Command Summary | General Info: Computer Representation of Numbers | UCB Undergrad Lab HTML Tutorial

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  • LaTeX symbols | Wang's Intro

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  • AY 192 Astronomical Measurements| Science A-35 Matter in the Universe| Materials for A-35 Section| AY 200 Planetary Systems: Ours and Others

  • SMA:
  • SMA | Converting Tau at 220 GHz to PWW

  • GBT:
  • GBT home| GBT Project Documentation| Telescope Operation| GBT Operational Manual| AIPS++ Reference Manual -- Dish Package| GLISH User Manual| GLISH: Manipulating Vectors & Arrays| GLISH: Function Summary by Category