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Over the last few years, my friend Bryan Méndez has been interviewing space scientists from underrepresented groups as part of a project he calls Full Spectrum. (I believe he interviewed me at the AAS in Seattle in January 2019.) By fall 2019, the project was sufficiently far along that he presented a 20-min film at the Inclusive Astronomy 2 meeting in Baltimore. And now the film is publicly available:

Occasionally one of my colloquia will be recorded. That was the case when I gave a talk to the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Dartmouth College in May 2019. Here is the video:

My thanks to Elisabeth Newton for inviting me!

One of the more fun things I've done in recent years is participate in a symposium at the Dia Art Foundation on the artist Nancy Holt. Exactly how this happened I'm still not quite sure I understand, but it was a really fun opportunity to learn about her work (and I later went to visit the Sun Tunnels in Utah, which was awesome) and to revisit long-set-aside ideas about archaeoastronomy. The recording below is of the entire symposium; my talk starts about 3:26 in.

As an aside, the question of whether the idea of building megaliths arose separately or spread seems to have been resolved by a paper that came out the week I gave my talk (but not before, which is unfortunate!). There's a nice description of the study here.

While in Russia in June 2018, I gave a talk at Kazan Federal University. The public relations office interviewed me and published an article about my visit (in Russian, but that's what Google is for). My thanks again to Ilfan Bikmaev and Yuri Nefedyev, my incredibly gracious hosts.

In October 2013 I was one of the participants in a symposium organized at Columbia entitled "Being the Change, Leading the Charge: Diversity in Higher Education." I gave a 10 minute talk on the Bridge to the Ph.D. Program in STEM, which I directed for a decade. Below is the recording of the full symposium; I start speaking around 28:30, although you can't quite hear me at the start...

Below is the trailer for Hubble's Diverse Universe, a documentary focused on the impact of the Hubble Space Telescope and NASA on the careers of a group of Latino/a and African American astronomers. The trailer features Eric Wilcots, Dara Norman, Jarita Holbrook, and Kevin McLin.

I don't feature in the trailer, but I was interviewed for the film, which is somewhat amusing since it's only in the last year that I finally applied for and got some Hubble time. I discussed NASA's diversity programs, and particularly the Harriett G. Jenkins Pre-doctoral Fellowship (I was a Jenkins Fellow in graduate school) and the NASA Administrator's Fellowship Project. Unfortunately, neither program exits any more.

I was interviewed for a TV piece on the Chandra detection of the very young, powerful pulsar PSR B1509-58 and its wind nebula... or, as the media dubbed it, the Hand of God.

(I thought there was only one Hand of God, but apparently they're getting more common.)

I was interviewed for a Daily News article about Mars One, or, more specifically, about a New York woman who was among the finalists for a one-way trip to Mars.