Adrian Beck Lucy

astronomer, NSF graduate research fellow at Columbia University


My work spans many orders of magnitude of accretion onto objects ranging from white dwarfs to supermassive black holes. Right now I'm using SkyMapper, GALEX, and SDSS to hunt for a secret society of symbiotic stars that don't announce themselves with the usual white dwarf surface nuclear burning. Are red giant + white dwarf binaries the progenitors of supernovae? Why do accretion disks form winds and jets? This hidden population promises answers, and more questions.


I like gardens, karaoke, and shiny objects. I try to write gothic stories, and support the grad worker union at Columbia. At work, I'm advised by Jeno Sokoloski (and Jules Halpern). I'm an astronomer because of Karen Leighly.

pronouns they/them/their are or ey/em/eir is; titles Mx. or none

All photographs on this site are my own, except for artist David A. Hardy's rendition of symbiotic star RS Oph.


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send correspondence to Mx. Adrian Lucy, Columbia University Dept. of Astronomy, Mail Code 5246, 550 W. 120th St., New York, NY 10027