Group pictures

Current group members:

  1. Aliya Babul (PhD student, Columbia Univ.)

  2. Navin Sridhar (PhD student, Columbia Univ.)

  3. Aaron Tran (PhD student, Columbia Univ.)

  4. David Ball (PhD student, Univ. of Arizona; co-supervised with F. Ozel)

  5. Anthony Chow (undergrad student, Columbia Univ.)

  6. Emily Simon (undergrad student, Columbia Univ.)

  7. Luca Comisso (postdoc, Columbia Univ.)

Former group members:

  1. Rafael Colon (Bridge scholar at Columbia 2017-2019)

    → PhD student in the Cornell PhD program in Biophysics

  1. Michael Rowan (PhD 2019, Harvard; co-supervised with R. Narayan)

    → Postdoc at LBNL

  1. Xinyi Guo (PhD 2017, Harvard; co-supervised with R. Narayan)

    → Research Scientist at D E Shaw Research


Columbia (and Arizona) high-energy astro delegation at the summer school on modern astrophysics in Moscow. From left to right: Rafael Colon (Columbia Bridge student), Aliya Babul (Columbia grad), David Ball (Arizona grad), Aaron Tran (Columbia grad).

Astroplasma group meeting. From left to right: Jonathan Zrake (physics postdoc), Luca Comisso (astro postdoc), Maria Petropoulou (postdoc @ Princeton), Aliya Babul (Columbia astro grad), Dhruv Desai (Columbia physics grad), Aaron Tran (Columbia astro grad), Rafael Colon (Columbia Bridge student), Lorenzo Sironi.

Winter holiday potluck (December 2018) with Lorenzo’s group (Aaron, Aliya, Navin, Luca) and Teresa’s (Lorenzo’s wife) lab.

Summer dinner (July 2019) with Lorenzo’s group (Rafael, Anthony, Aliya, Emily, Aaron, Navin, David H. and Can)