My main interest is in the Structure and Evolution of Galaxies, and more specifically in the role of gas in galaxy evolution. I study the interplay between galaxies and their environment, leading to such questions as: What are the residual signatures of the formation process around galaxies? Do galaxies evolve along the Hubble sequence? if so, how, and in what direction? Do mergers really convert spirals to ellipticals? How does the environment affect the evolution of galaxies? Where and how are S0's made, in clusters or in groups? Currently I am involved in three major research projects

   An HI survey of Clusters in the Local Universe
   Virgo: a Laboratory for Studying Galaxy Evolution
   The Fate of Gas in Merger Remnants

Selected Publications
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Old Students
   John Hibbard
Current Students
   Aeree Chung

Teaching - Fall 2004
This year, for the first time, SCIENCE will be an integral part of Columbia's Core Curriculum. Frontiers of Science will introduce the entire incoming class to the exciting ideas at the forefront of several distinct areas of scientific research and develop the habits of mind characteric of a scientific approach to the world. This fall I am instructor of two discussion sections in this course, C1100.004 and C1100.005 (Scientific Habits of Mind).