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Optical/IR Candidates for XTE J1829-098
J. P. Halpern & E. V. Gotthelf
ATEL #344 (2004 October 12)

A very bright star in the 2MASS survey should be considered a possible supergiant companion of the transient 7.8 s pulsar XTE J1829-098 (Markwardt et al., ATel #317; Halpern & Gotthelf, ATel #319). At coordinates (J2000) R.A. = 18h29m44.55s, Decl. = -09d51'20.3", this candidate has R>21, I=14.4, J=8.04, H=6.11, K=4.98, where the R and I magnitudes are estimated from digitized UK Schmidt sky-survey plates. Although its coordinates are 8" from the XMM-Newton position of the source (J2000) R.A. = 18h29m44.06s, Decl. = -09d51'23.3" as reported in ATel #319, i.e., twice the nominal X-ray error, allowance could be made for the off-axis location in the X-ray image and absence of other identified sources for astrometric alignment. Alternatively, there is a USNO-B1.0 and 2MASS star at coordinates (J2000) R.A. = 18h29m44.28s, Decl. = -09d51'26.8", which is 5" from the X-ray position. This candidate has B=21.44, R=17.40, I=15.20, J=12.46, H=10.54, K=9.67. IR/optical spectroscopy to classify both of these candidate counterparts should be obtained.

XTE J1829-098 in the XMM-Newton EPIC pn
(J2000) 18 29 44.06, -09 51 23.3
XMM Light Curve

2MASS images (1.8'×1.8')
(J2000) 18 29 44.06, -09 51 23.3

Digitized UK Schmidt I and R Plates (4.3'×4.3')
(J2000) 18 29 44.06, -09 51 23.3

MDM 1.3m (2.15'×2.15')
(J2000) 18 29 44.06, -09 51 23.3
MDM 1.3m I MDM 1.3m R

MDM 1.3m I MDM 1.3m R

Infrared Identification of XTE J1829-098
(J2000) 18 29 43.98, -09 51 23.0
MDM 2.4m H
MDM 2.4m H-band (0.9'×0.9')
XMM 3.2" radius circle (black)
Chandra 0.6" radius circle (white)


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XTE XMM-Newton


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