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MDM Observatory GRB Team

GRB 980519
Observed with the 1.3 m telescope at MDM Observatory

( MDM R & I images and WIYN V image as presented at AAS 1998 Summer meeting )

R-band image I-band image
GCN Circular #80: GRB 980519 Optical Observations
The MDM Observatory GRB team (J. Kemp, J. Halpern) reports followup
photometry of the variable optical candidate discovered by Jaunsen et al.
(GCN #78) in the BeppoSAX error box of GRB 980519. In a series of CCD
images taken with the MDM 1.3m telescope, centered around May 20.31 UT,
the candidate had I=20.1+/-0.3, R=20.9+/-0.2.  These magnitudes were
measured differentially with respect to stars A, B, and C of Jaunsen et
al., which we recalibrated using Landolt standards.  Preliminary
photometry of those reference stars is as follows:

	      RA(2000)       Dec(2000)         R        I

	A    23 22 17.74    +77 15 51.2      17.93    17.28
	B    23 22 27.29    +77 15 43.5     (19.26)  (18.56)
	C    23 22 28.50    +77 15 25.4      18.15    17.43

Parentheses indicate values that are less certain.  Note the large
discrepancy between our I-band measurements and those of Jaunsen et al.; 
the latter may instead refer to the V band.

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Jonathan Kemp
Jules Halpern
Columbia University Astronomy and Astrophysics and MDM Observatory

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