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GRB 051109a: Optical follow-up
MDM 2.4m MDM 2.4m
MDM 2.4m MDM 2.4m
(J2000) 22h 01m 15.31s, +40o 49' 23.3" [88"x88"]

GCN Circular #4215: GRB 051109a: MDM Observations
N. Mirabal (U. Michigan), J. P. Halpern, and S. Tonnesen (Columbia U.)
report on behalf of the MDM Observatory GRB follow-up team:

"We are observing the afterglow of Swift GRB 051109 detected by ROTSE-IIIb
(Rykoff et al. GCN #4211, Schaefer et al. GCN #4214) using the MDM 2.4m 
telescope and a Gunn r filter under partly cloudy conditions.  From 38 minutes
to 148 minutes after the burst, the OT faded from R = 18.21 +/- 0.05 to
R = 19.22 +/- 0.08.  Magnitudes are referenced to a USNO B1.0 star at 
22h01m14.60s +40d49'25.3" (J2000) having R=17.23.  This corresponds to a 
power-law decay index of -0.68.  Observations are continuing."

This decay curve is preliminary, for internal use only.
Decay Curve

Nestor Mirabal
Jules Halpern
Stephanie Tonnesen
Jason Eastman
Jose Luis Prieto
Sebastien Lepine
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