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GRB 041218: Optical follow-up
POSS II Red 2.2′×2.2′
MDM 1.3m R-band: Dec. 19 05:03 UT
1.3m 2004 Dec. 19
(J2000) 01h39m07s.7, +71°20′29″

GCN Circular #2873
GRB 041218: Optical Observation
J. P. Halpern and S. Tuttle (Columbia U.) report for the erstwhile
MDM Observatory GRB follow-up team:

"We observed INTEGRAL GRB 041218 (Mereghetti et al. GCN #2858) in the
R-band using the MDM 1.3m telescope under conditions of poor seeing.
A total of 50 minutes of exposure centered at Dec. 19, 05:03 UT, or
13.3 hours after the burst showed a faint object of R = 22.15 +/- 0.25
at the position of the OT reported by Torii et al (GCN #2860),
Gorosabel et al. (GCN #2861), and Greco et al. (GCN #2863). 

We use for comparison the USNO B1.0 star 1613-0027268 located at
R.A. = 01h39m04s.17, Decl. = +71o21'06".0 (J2000) for which
Henden (GCN #2869) gives Rc = 16.65.

We note that there is considerable Galactic extinction in this direction, 
E(B-V)=0.63 corresponding to A_R=1.67 (Schlegel et al. 1998)."

An image is posted at:

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The decay curve below will be updated if more data become available.

GRB 041218 Decay Curve

Jules Halpern
Sarah Tuttle
Columbia University and MDM Observatory

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