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I look so outdoorsy!
Obligatory 'astronomer in the mountains' picture. Tunnel View in Yosemite.

I’m a Hubble fellow in the Astronomy Department at Columbia University, working with Mary Putman.
Most days you can find me in my office, 1418 Pupin Hall.

Contact Information

Department of Astronomy
Pupin Physics Laboratories
Room 1328
Mail Code 5246
550 West 120th Street
New York, New York 10027

+1.212.854.4608 [office]
+1.510.299.4427 [cell]

jegpeek { at }

twitter: @jegpeek

Most of the information contained on this site is listed in my curriculum vitae; you can follow my publications here.

These pages were hand-coded, line by line, by my collaborator and spouse Katie Peek in HTML and CSS (and later heisted by me).
They were last updated in January 2014.

Arecibo Observatory 305m image from Arecibo Observatory.