Outbursts of Classical Symbiotics

With collaborators in the US and the UK, I am carrying out a multi-wavelength target of opportunity (TOO) observing program to study the outbursts in classical symbiotic systems. It is not known whether these outbursts are primarily due to thermonuclear events (shell flashes), expansion of the white dwarf photosphere as a result of a change in accretion rate onto a layer of burning material on the surface of the white dwarf, an accretion instability, or some combination of all of these mechanisms. I am particularly interested in determining what triggers an outburst. and the relationship between these outbursts and the production of collimated jets of material. Radio through X-ray observations throughout the course of several outbursts should provide constraints on the various outburst models.

Z Andromedae

Sokoloski et al. 2002
Sokoloski et al. 2006
YY Herculis

AG Draconis



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