Multi-tracer CMB Delensing Maps from Planck and WISE Data

We provide optimally combined multi-tracer delensing maps constructed from Planck and Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) data. The maps cover about 43% of the sky. They can be used as tracers of the CMB lensing convergence field for the purpose of delensing CMB temperature and polarization maps, so as to improve constraints on the tensor-to-scalar ratio and other cosmological parameters.
The methodology is described in Yu, Hill, and Sherwin (2017).

The maps are provided in HEALPix format (these are FITS files at HEALPix resolution Nside=2048 / RING ordering / Galactic coordinates) under the condition that you cite the above paper when using these maps in any scientific analyses.

We provide maps constructed with or without the Planck 2015 lensing convergence map (i.e., CIB + WISE + Planck lens or CIB + WISE), as the noise properties of the CIB + WISE map should be essentially independent of the CMB (modulo small residuals in the CIB map), whereas the Planck lensing noise is not. However, inclusion of the Planck lensing map leads to a more optimal delensing tracer, particularly on large angular scales (note the band-limits of the maps below).

Data products:

CIB + WISE + Planck lensing convergence map (band-limited to L=[8, 2007]) --- image
CIB + WISE map (band-limited to L = [108, 2007]) --- image
mask (unapodized)
mask (apodized with a gaussian taper of FWHM=30 arcmin)
extended mask (extended by 30 arcmin at all edges)

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