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Age-Activity Relation of Cool Stars
Multiwavelength Blazars for IceCube
Soft Gamma Repeaters and LIGO
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During the summer of 2010 I did research with the IceCube collaboration at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. I made multiwavelength observations of Markarian 421 and other blazars leading up to a stacking search of blazars with IceCube. Markarian 421 has been the focus of a multiwavelength campaign since 2006 and more recently including observations by VERITAS in very high energy gamma rays.  As of 2010 IceCube operates with 79 strings and Markarian 421 has been noted as an excellent point source candidate of neutrinos.  

What is a blazar? What is a neutrino? How does IceCube work? I try to answer these questions here: 

For a guided tour of my research please follow the links on the left or click here: The Start of a Campaign

Diagram of IceCube Array

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