We stopped and had lunch here on our way to Tashkurgan, the last city before we crossed the border to Pakistan. These are the headwaters of the river which cuts the gorge through the mountains that the Karakoram Highway(KKH) follows.

A mountain lake in the Karakorams. The yurts are summer housing for the Kyrgyz herders that live in this area. In winter they pack them up and move to lower elevations.

Tajik (as in Tajikistan) children in Tashkurgan.

The Karakorams in Pakistan.

The beautiful Hunza valley in Pakistan at sunset.

And again. The view from the hotel.

In case you haven't noticed, it's surrounded by the great snowcapped peaks. Pakistan has something like 25 peaks over 20,000 ft. (I think)

And it has glaciers - which you can walk on. You can see the places where water flows down to the stream under the glacier and listen to the cascading water all around you.

The gratuitous self-aggrandizing pic.

Took a side trip to the Pakistani city of Lahore. This is a mosque in the old walled city of Lahore. If for some unfathomable reason you have not had enough, you can maybe find some 'unreleased' pics at www.physics.ucla.edu/~ubenj/chinaphot