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Martian Paleoclimate GCM

Hot Jupiters

Microbial diversity

The Columbia Astrobiology Center
 (NYC-Astrobiology Consortium)

The Columbia Astrobiology* Center represents a unique consortium of Columbia University departments, the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (NASA), and the American Museum of Natural History. It is an interdisciplinary effort dedicated to investigating the wide range of phenomena that may participate in the origin and evolution of life on Earth and beyond.

We undertake fundamental research in many areas, including: The study and modeling of exoplanets, their characteristics and climates. The study of planet formation and solar system meteoritics and early chemistry.The study of Earth and Martian paleoclimate. The potential habitability of moons around giant planets. Astrochemistry and interstellar carbon chemistry. The study of deep Earth microbiology, and tectonic indicators for habitable zones on Earth and other planets.

*"Astrobiology: The study of the origins, evolution, and future, of life in the Universe"
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