Martian Paleoclimate GCM

Hot Jupiters

Microbial diversity

Pathways to Habitable Worlds


One unifying theme of our research program is the search for the pathways to environments which may present habitable conditions for life in the universe.

Specifically; many fundamental characteristics of life here on Earth point towards planets, and moons, as being primary harbors for life elsewhere in the universe. We are interested in tracking the entire history of planets and moons and learning how, and why, any given set of environments exist on these objects - and whether or not life can find a niche there. We want to do this by developing theories and by testing them with direct observation or experimentation !

Fundamental Astrochemistry

Exoplanet Models

Exoplanet Detection

Climate and Paleoclimate

Martian Paleoclimate

Columbia Earth Microbiology Initiative


JUNO: Mission to Jupiter

Lunar Outgassing: Transient Lunar Phenomena
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