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The members of the CAC are drawn from the entire Columbia community and consortium institutions. They represent a unique multidiscliplinary team of experts sharing the common goal of seeking and understanding the evidence for the origin and evolution of life in the universe.

Current members (alphabetical), affiliations and primary research interests: (In the process of being updated)

Columbia University/ The Columbia Astrobiology Center:

Marc Audard
(Formerly Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory, Disk Group Lead, now ISDC & Geneva Observatory) Star Formation; accretion disks; X-ray emission in young stars; astrochemistry
Fernando Camilo
(Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory) Supernova and Neutron stars
Nicholas Christie-Blick
(Chair DEES, Lamont-Doherty) Paleoclimate, extreme environments
Zoltan Haiman
(Columbia Astronomy) Extrasolar planets: observational signatures and their interpretation
Laura Kay
(Astronomy/Physics, Barnard College) Astrobiology Education
Brian Mailloux
(Columbia Earth Institute/Barnard) Groundwater microbiology, tracking active microbial populations
Kristen Menou
(Columbia Astronomy) Extrasolar planets: Orbital configurations, Atmospheres and Habitability
Paul Olsen
(Lamont-Doherty) Extraterrestrial Impacts
Daniel Savin
(Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory) Relevant atomic and molecular reactions
Caleb Scharf
(Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory, CAC Director) tidally heated habitable zones, elemental constraints on habitability, planet detection
Rae Silver
(Barnard and Columbia Psychology) Human space exploration

The Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS)

Michael Allison
(Formerly of GISS, Planetary Science) Planetary fluid dynamics, spaceflight mission planning, planetary atmospheres
Mike Bauer
(GISS/DEES, Climatology) Climate simulation, planetary atmospheres
Mark Chandler
(GISS/CCSR) Paleoclimate and simulation
Nancy Kiang
(GISS) Biogeochemistry and Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions
Linda Sohl
(Lamont-Doherty) Sedimentary Geology and Paleoclimate

The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH)

Denton Ebel
(American Museum of Natural History, Dept. of Meteoritics)
Planet formation, proto-planetary disk composition, STARDUST analysis

Ben Oppenheimer
 (American Museum of Natural History, Astronomy Department) Direct Planet searches, instrumentation, sub-solar objects
Mordecai-Mark Mac Low
(American Museum of Natural History, Astronomy Department)
Circumstellar disk simulation, planet formation

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