We take the issue of being accountable for how we use resources very seriously - especially if it's your money.

Donor recognition

The most immediate way we will acknowledge your contribution is to place your name (or logo/graphic if you supply one) on the right hand bar of all our web pages - and then on a "wall of support" page.

If you provide use with an email address we will place you on our donor-only newsletter list (which you may opt out of at any time). This will give you the inside scoop on what we're doing, and what progress we're making - as well as any juicy astrobiology rumors we come across, and notices of presentations, public lectures (both in NYC and elsewhere) and the like. We hope this will help you feel informed and involved in this great scientific adventure.

Public Disclosure

We will endeavor to provide reports each year which will describe how resources have been apportioned to our various projects during the preceding period. Such reports are required for federal funding, and we feel that this should be no different when it comes to your support. We will also produce a summary of the scientific progress made, including our publication record.

Major Donations

For major donations, please contact us directly - there are many ways that we can create a suitable focus for your contribution, and it's acknowledgement.







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