Columbia University 
Astronomy and Astrophysics

The following are scientific talks (other than departmental colloquia) sponsored by the Department of Astronomy.

Journal Club
a discussion of recent works in the astronomy and astrophysics literature, in Pupin room 1402 (the astronomy library), Tuesdays at 4 p.m. during the academic year

Journal Club calendar for Spring & Fall 1998.

Astrophysics Lunch (Pizza Lunch)
an informal discussion and presentation session, in Pupin room 1402 (the astronomy library), Thursdays at noon during the academic year

Special Seminars
formal talks by investigators about their research results, scheduled as opportunities arise

CURRENT SEMINAR: "Black Holes Masses and Host Galaxies in AGN" Amri Wandel (Goddard SFC) 2:00 pm, Monday, May 24, in Pupin 1332

Recent Seminars

a yearly day-long bash where Columbia astronomers and astrophysicists come together to talk about each other's research, in the form of short presentations by investigators; followed by ASTROFEAST!

an occasionally scheduled series of talks on current astronomical and astrophysical techniques, primarily for the benefit of students

Astrolore calendar for Spring 1998.

1998 December 7