Columbia University
Astronomy and Astrophysics

Recent Seminars

"Black Holes Masses and Host Galaxies in AGN" Amri Wandel (Goddard SFC), 2:00 pm, Monday, May 24, in Pupin 1332

"Gas in the Local Interstellar Medium" Ryan McLean (University of Colorado/CASA), 3:00 pm, Monday, May 17 in Pupin 1332

"Hypercontrast Imaging of Circumstellar Environments" Christ Ftaclas (Michigan Technological University) 4:10 pm, Monday, April 26, in Pupin 1332

"The Interpretation of Galaxy Correlations" by John Peacock (Royal Observatory, Edinburgh), 4:10 pm, Monday, April 19, in Pupin 1332

"Cosmic Accelerators and Beam Dump Quasars: The Origin of the Highest Energy Particles Observed in the Universe" by Peter Biermann (MPI-Bonn) 4:10 pm, Tuesday, March 30, in Pupin 1332

"A Story of Mass" by Lam Hui (Fermi NAL), 4:10 pm, Friday, February 26, in Pupin 1332

"The Optics of Neutron-Star Magnetospheres" by Jeremy Heyl (Caltech), 4:10 pm, Thursday, February 25, in Pupin 1332

"The Role of Star Formation in Galaxy Formation" by Raul Jimenez (Edinburgh), 4:10 pm, Wednesday, February 24, in Pupin 1332

"The Milky Way as a Cannibal: What was for Breakfast? What is for Lunch? What will be for dinner?" by Kathryn Johnston (Institute for Advanced Study), 4:10 pm, Monday, February 22, in Pupin 1332

"The Dark Side of Structure Formation" by Wayne Hu (Institute for Advanced Study), 4:10 pm, Thursday, February 18, in Pupin 1332

"Fixing the Lower Rungs of the Cosmological Distance Ladder" by Kris Stanek (CfA), 4:10 pm, Wednesday, February 17, in Pupin 1332

"Spiral Galaxies with HST: Clues to Bulge Formation" by Marcella Carollo (Hopkins) 4:10 pm, Monday, February 15, in Pupin 1332

"The Universe at High Redshift: Hierarchical Galaxy Formation Theory Confronts Observation" by Rachel Somerville (Racah Institute of Physics), 4:10 pm, Friday, February 12, in Pupin 1332

"Very Old White Dwarfs" by Bradly Hansen (CITA), 4:10 pm, Wednesday, February 10, in Pupin 1332

"Precision Cosmology with CMB Experiments and Large Redshift Surveys" by Daniel Eisenstein (Institute for Advanced Study), 4:10 pm, Monday, February 8, in Pupin 1332

"Recent COMPTEL Results on the Extragalactic High-Energy Background Radiation" by Georg Weidenspointner (MPE Garching), 12:00 am, Thursday, January 28, in Pupin 1402 (Astronomy Library) "

"The Cosmological Implications of the Local Group" by Eline Tolstoy (ESO), 12:30 pm, Friday, January 22, in Pupin 1402 (Astronomy Library)

"The Formation and Evolution of Disk Galaxies" by Shude Mao (Max Planck, Garching), 12:15 pm, Wednesday, Dec. 16, 1998 in Pupin 1402 (Astronomy Library)

Pulsar Discoveries: A Multi-Beam Survey and 47 Tuc" by Fernando Camilo (U. Manchester), Friday, Dec. 4, 1998 at 10:30 a.m. in Pupin 1026

"The Lyman-alpha Forest and Cosmology" by Lam Hui (Fermi NAL), Wednesday, Nov. 18, 1998 at 4:10 p.m. in Pupin 1332

"Laboratory Simulations of Solar Prominence Eruptions" by Paul Bellan (Caltech), Wednesday, Oct. 7, 1998 at 4:30 p.m. in Pupin 1332

1998 December 7