Columbia Cosmology Postdoctoral Fellowships

Columbia Cosmology Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Institution:

ISCAP: Institute for Strings, Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics is based in Pupin Hall, home of the Department of Astronomy and the Department of Physics, on the Morningside Campus of Columbia University, at 120th St. and Broadway, Manhattan, New York City. ISCAP is jointly organized by the departments of Astronomy, Mathematics, and Physics. ISCAP is established to foster an interdisciplinary approach to the study of cosmology, and dark matter in the Universe. Activities will include the hiring of postdoctoral fellows working in a wide range of research in these fields, and the center will sponsor a frequent series of seminars, as well as an international workshop. The seminars and workshop will stress interdisciplinary research, and will be pedagogically accessible to everyone from string theorists to observational astrophysicists. (ISCAP was formerly known as CIRCA.)

The Faculty:

Members engaged in research into cosmology, gravitation, astro-particle physics and extra-galactic astronomy:

James Applegate
Elena Aprile
Marcella Carollo
Janet Conrad
Arlin Crotts
Brian Greene
Charles Hailey
Jules Halpern
David Helfand
Lam Hui (starting on the faculty in September 2000)
Steven Kahn
Marc Kamionkowski (on leave 1999-2000)
Mordecai-Mark Maclow
Jacqueline van Gorkom
Erick Weinberg

The Job Advertisement:

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Columbia Cosmology Postdoctoral Fellowships
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Attention: Arlin Crotts, Assoc. Prof. of Astronomy

Columbia University will be awarding up to three full-time postdoctoral fellowships for researchers in the fields of cosmology, astro-particle physics and gravitation, coinciding with the opening of its new interdisciplinary cosmology center in September 2000. The center is jointly organized by the departments of Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy, which provide outstanding opportunities for possible collaboration in a wide range of investigations in gravitational theory, astro-particle physics, cosmology and astrophysics. Additionally, these departments offer access to exciting research facilities at Fermilab, Kitt Peak, and elsewhere. The successful applicants will be expected to engage in superior quality research, either independently or in collaboration with others at Columbia and nearby, associated institutions. These fellowships will be two-year appointments, renewable for a third year, and include a travel and publications budget.

Further information on the fellowships and research at Columbia can be found at the web site, or by contacting Prof. Brian Greene (, phone: 212-854-4347) or Prof. Arlin Crotts (, phone: 212-854-7899).

Applications should include a curriculum vitae, list of publications and a statement of research activities (no more than five pages), plus the names and addresses of three colleagues willing to write letters of reference. Please send these materials to the address above by 15 December 1999. AAE/EOE.