The following publications are not official publications of the MEGA collaboration

They are instead, publications arising from

This is because the MEGA collaboration is still in its formative stages and does not yet have an official publication policy.


  1. Expectations from Realistic Microlensing Models of M31. I: Optical Depth
    Geza Gyuk, Arlin Crotts
    Submitted to ApJ (1999)

  2. VATT/Columbia Microlensing Survey of M31 and the Galaxy
    Arlin Crotts
    presented at the International Conference on "Dark and Visible Matter in Galaxies" (Sesto Pusteria, Italy, 1996)

  3. Expanding the Realm of Microlensing Surveys with Difference Image Photometry
    Austin B. Tomaney, Arlin P.S. Crotts
    AJ, 112, 2872 (1996) also astro-ph/9610066.

  4. Results from a Survey of Gravitational Microlensing towards M31
    Arlin P.S. Crotts, Austin B. Tomaney
    ApJ, 473, 87 (1996) also astro-ph/9610065.

  5. Observations of RR Lyrae in M31 using Difference Imaging Photometry
    B.E. Sugerman, R.R. Uglesich, A.P.S. Crotts
    1998 American Astronomical Society Meeting #193, #46.11

  6. Results from the Columbia/VATT Microlensing Survey of M31
    R. Uglesich, A. P. S. Crotts, A. B. Tomaney, G. Gyuk
    1998 American Astronomical Society Meeting, 192, #52.01

  7. Using Microlensing to Map the Dark Matter Halo of M31
    A. P. S. Crotts, R. Uglesich, A. B. Tomaney, G. Gyuk
    Proceedings of "Galactic Dynamics" held at Rutgers University, 8-12 Aug 1998.

  8. Continuing Observations from the Columbia-VATT Microlensing Survey of M31
    R. Uglesich, A. P. S. Crotts, A. B. Tomaney
    1997 American Astronomical Society Meeting, 190, #43.01

  9. A Search for MACHOs in the Galactic and M31 Halos
    A. B. Tomaney, A. P. S. Crotts
    1994 American Astronomical Society Meeting, 185, #17.01