Andreas H.W. Küpper
Data scientist with background in astrophysics



I'm a German astrophysicist now living in Cambridge, MA, after finishing a Hubble Postdoctoral Fellowship at Columbia University in New York. Trained on astrophysical problems, I have ample experience in the acquisition, cleaning and analysis of data. The focus of my academic research was on statistical modeling of stellar systems, and on high-performance computations. I combined both to gain insights on the gravitational field of the Milky Way, its dark matter content, and the dynamics of galactic satellites.

Here I am showcasing my work with non-astronomical data. I present little side projects that I have carried out in the past out of curiosity. I realized that transferring my skills from academic questions to real-world problems is highly satisfying. It gives me the possibility to have real impact on people and affect their lives for the better. After being a fellow at Insight Data Science in Boston, and then working as a consultant for Insight, I am now working as a data science consultant at QuantCo. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me!

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