D3 Apparatus

The D3 merged beams apparatus to study the cosmic origins of organic chemistry.

Columbia Astrophysics

in the City of New York.


The core research projects within the group stem from both observational and laboratory studies. Four main branches of focus exist within the group, these are investigations on the Solar Wind, First Star formation, Cosmic origins of organic chemistry and Winds from black holes.



The Savin Group currently consists of three associate research scientists and two post-doctoral research scientists led by senior research scientist Dr. Daniel Wolf Savin. The group has strong collaborative bonds on both the national and international level in parallel with a number of outreach programs for young researchers.

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January 2014:The Savin Group welcomes Dr. Chloé Guennou to the group to conduct solar research.

September 2012:The Savin Group welcomes Dr. Nathalie deRuette to the group to join the Cosmic Origins of Organic chemistry project.



A selection of images taken from the Laboratory, Columbia campus, and the New York area.

  • pictureCylindrical Einzel Lens.
  • picturePhotodetachment chamber
  • pictureLaser reflection
  • pictureChannel electron multiplier
  • pictureXY-deflector
  • pictureSpent carbon target

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